My Marketing Plan

My Marketing Plan

I believe very strongly in online marketing. I use my personal website, and to promote my listings. This website, if you type in under google, Saskatoon real estate you will see that people can find me typically on the 1st page and this is very valuable. This gets people to see my listings on here as well as on and . I also advertise my listings on, and

I have a strong marketing background and also utilize my many contacts with other top real estate agents in the city from all different companies to let them know about a new listing. I also firmly promote our “Caravan” system which will allow many of the agents I work with to physically preview your property. 

Why Use a Realtor®

The reasons are too many to list but here are some of the most important ones:

Hassle factor- We book all the showings and you don’t have to be home (lockbox system) and it is better for buyers when you are not home as they feel more comfortable in looking.

Marketing- is one of the busiest websites in the world and with all of the people moving to Saskatoon they use this site most frequently and do not know of any of the other websites for private sellers.

Potential buyers- Almost always use a realtor to help them find a property so you don’t want to miss the right buyer.

Negotiations- We are the professionals and know how to negotiate so that you don’t lose out or make any errors that end up costing you in the end.

Availability- With the lockbox system, the house will never miss a potential buyer as we are here and working for you whereas private sellers miss many potentials due to work or if you are out of town

Mortgage- Some lenders will not entertain private sales no matter what so even if you find a buyer they may not get approved (I can send you more info on this as it is happening much more).

Proper protocol/closing- Everything is done according to real estate law so there is no chance of error or someone wasting your time and causing you market damage due to lack of knowledge on the proper real estate procedures (example-timelines, deadlines, inspections, etc) Buyers have held up for sale by owner properties for months at times but Realtors® will not allow this to happen when acting for both buyer and seller.

We take care of everything- There are lots of things to think of and consider and we do this every day so the cost is effective considering the enormity of the financial transaction. This is why buyers prefer to use agents as it is the largest purchase they will ever make so many buyers will not consider a privately listed home.

Feedback- I call, email and/or text for feedback and communicate back to you what the clients think and make changes as needed. Not all agents get feedback but it is important to you, the seller, to know what is happening.

Listing Your Home

Different agents charge different amounts to list your home. Often times a cheaper listing fee means less marketing and less money that agent pays to properly advertise your house, which in turn leads to market damage and generally a ‘price reduction’ is needed to move the property which means you lose more in the end when trying to save $1000 in the beginning.  Please contact me for information on commission and how it works. There are always cheaper agents out there but you do get what you pay for and I do not take on more listings than I can service properly.

The total commission is paid to Century 21 and from there they pay both agents.  All of the fees associated with the listing including marketing, weekly updates and listing fees come from my portion.

There are still lawyer fees but they are less when selling a home than when buying a home.

That about sums it up! Let me know what you have for questions and I will be more than happy to answer them and hope to speak with you when you are ready to list.